Mike Anderson
Executive Director

The founder of the Professional Karate Association (PKA), Mike is referred to as the Godfather of modern day Kickboxing, the creator of the original rules for the sports of Point Karate and modern Full Contact Karate/ Kickboxing, as well as the creator of the rules for continuous sparring and musical and creative forms competition, Mike Anderson has become known as the “Father of Sport Karate and Kickboxing”.

Having produced and/or directed over 100 major events in arenas encompassing 4 continents and 25 countries, Mike Anderson is, by far, the most prolific promoter in the history of the martial arts. Being multi-lingual, the energetic American not only produced or directed these events, but served as the television announcer, as well. His many achievements include acknowledgements and accolades in TV/ Film, Martial Arts instructor of champions, astute business acumen, Author/ Writer, Promoter of World events for martial arts tournament and developer of Kickboxing / competitive combative sports equipment and safety rules for full contact competition, Publisher and editor on the World’s most prolific martial arts magazines.


Frank Babcock
CEO / Chairman of the Board

Marketing and Broadcast Executive Frank Babcock an Instructor in the arts of  Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Jiu-jitsu  has provided seminars in various disciplines to competitors, military, and law enforcement personnel.  As CEO of Kick International, Frank has developed viewer programming covering competitive combat sports for audiences in arenas, on television throughout the United States, and worldwide on the Internet with more than 172 million total viewers.

Frank has combined 45 years of marketing and advertising experience at CBS and Charter Communications with his extensive expertise in combat and martial arts to become the primary creative force behind full-combat competitive kick-boxing as a sport. He is also the co-owner/developer of many patents for sports protective and safety equipment.  In addition his work as an inventor, author, publisher, television producer, director and commentator, Frank developed the medical safety and legal standards for training and competition that are essential to the safety of competitors in competitive combative sports.  His refereeing and judging clinics and seminars have been  attended byathletic commissions, and professionals throughout the US.

Frank’s dedication to building a strong foundation in combat sports for amateur athletes lead him to co-found Karate International Council of Kickboxing / competitive combative sports in 1981 which evolved into Kick International a 501c3, not-for-profit Corporation formed under the federal standards of the Ted Stevens Olympic Amateur Sports Act created to develop amateur combative competition for future Olympic Recognition. Kick International has been  recognized by the founding members of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations / competitive combative sports Organizations as their representative in the United States. KICK has evolved to become the voice of competitive amateur combative sports with its “Combat Showcase” Television series providing recognition for regional events to further its athletes’ competition, recognition and opportunity while supporting the goals combative sports organizations for future Olympic acceptance.


Ted Welch
Chief Financial Officer

Ted has been involved in Amateur boxing since the age of 13 with over 100 fights and having fought on the Olympic trial team up to the semi finals in 1948.  Ted is the Director and Treasurer of a not for profit sports promotion organization that raised money for amateur boxing and kickboxing athletes for over 20 years in Missouri, by promoting amateur competitive events during the 60’s and 70’s. Past Vice President of the Gateway Boxing Club in Missouri for 10 years, Ted promoted both amateur and professional boxing thru the 80’s. From the late 80’s thru mid 90’s, as President of Arch Productions, he promoted Pro Boxing and Pro kickboxing / competitive combative sports along with regional amateur boxing and kickboxing/ competitive combative sports events and assisted USA boxing with raising support monies for our Ozark Boxing club with Myrl Taylor and John Hollis (AIBA International Officials trainer) in 1986.

As a promoter,  Ted sanctioned events with the Karate International Council of Kickboxing / competitive combative sports(K.I.C.K.)  After promoting over 300 events in boxing and kickboxing, his interests turned to professional fundraising by helping formulate Kick International to help the growth of amateur kickboxing/ competitive combative sports in the United States.  His knowledge and past contacts have helped to assist in developing fundraising for our organization to include a drive to create a multipurpose athletic training facility and National Headquarters for KICK International and amateur kickboxing/ competitive combative sports located in the US.  Currently serving as  Treasurer of KICK International,  as well as a tournament coordinator for amateur kickboxing/ competitive combative sports in Las Vegas, Nevada and Chicago, Illinois, Ted works closely with many state commissions and has developed a support package following strict rules and regulations to help reduce athletic injuries specifically for amateur kickboxing/ competitive combative sports and Mixed Martial Arts which our organization sanctions and provides athlete insurance through AIG Insurance Group who recognizes and sponsors our efforts.



David Howland Wang, MD, MS
Board Member & Chief Medical Director

David is a member of the USA Olympic Sports Medicine Society (2000-present) and a noted sports medicine physician. He also  serves the American Medical Society of Sports Medicine (1993-present) specializing in medical grant research for  head and knee injuries and  heads up research and evaluation of combat sports specific injuries and specialized safety equipment.

He has contributed to numerous articles and medical columns in The Physician and Sportsmedicine including: “Popliteal Artery Entrapment Masquerading as Asthma”, “Exercised-Induced Vasovagal Syncope”, “Joint Pain and Swelling”, and “Detecting  Disease: Presentations in Young Athletes.”

He also contributed to article “Syncope in Sports” and has written several “Ask the Specialist” articles published in the American Journal of Medicine and Sports (2000-present).  He also co-authored a chapter in the Olympic Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science regarding the female athlete.


KICK International Board of Directors Don Rodrigues
Board Member VP

Don is a Grandmaster 9th Degree Black Belt and Hall of Famer.  With Over 38 Years Experience as Master Instructor Having trained and promoted the most celebrated female Martial Arts competitor in the World – 9 Time World Champion, Christine Bannon – Rodrigues.  He is also a founding member of  NASKA, the most prestigious martial arts circuit for point competition in the USA.




Tom Festa
Board Member & Secretary -Task Force Director

Tom is an Honors Graduate C.W. Post College, Greenvale, NY , Honors Graduate S.U.N.Y   Farmingdale NY, Degree earned – A.A.S. Criminal Justice, Master Martial Arts Instructor  with 35 Years experience teaching Martial Arts.  He has served as the Director of Martial Arts Program at Kellenberg High School -Uniondale, NY (1994/Present) –  the only high school physical education Tae Kwon Do program known in the country.  He is also the Director of Martial Arts Program at St. Martin DePorres Elementary School (2005/Present) and the USA – WAKO Kick International full contact and light contact National Team Coach.


Tim Mullin
Task Force Director Development and Finance Committee

Has served as a Business Consultant with the Principal Financial Group since 1988.  Tim specializes in Buy Sell agreements, Qualified and Non Qualified retirement plans and advanced Estate Planning.  Tim has done financial consulting for private and public companies alike and for profit and non profit entities.  He is a Registered Investment Advisor and has a fellowship with the Life Underwriter’s Training Council.  He is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table and a long time member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.

`Mr. Mullin began training in the Martial Arts at age 9 and is currently a Master Instructor and 7thDegree Black Belt recognized by the World Hapkido Federation and the World Tae Kwon Do Federation.  Owner/President of the Bloomington Karate Center in Bloomington, Minnesota since 1974, the largest martial arts training facility in Minnesota.  Promoter and Trainer to recognized World Champion Kickboxers since 1981.