American combat sports were introduced to the American public in 1973 when ABC Wide World of Entertainment televised the most watched sporting event of the decade as Telly Savalas (Kojack) and Mike Anderson (Kickboxing Developer founder of PKA) captured the imagination of the viewers with the images of Martial Arts competition in FULL CONTACT.

Television once again became the springboard for Martial Arts growth in 1982 when Koplar Communications and Anheuser Busch developed a syndicated series of events from Las Vegas to New York directed and sanctioned under KICK International by Frank Babcock, Fred Wren, Larry Castor, Ken Norton and Chuck Norris.

In 1988 we saw the emergence of the 1988 Olympics and Tae-Kwon-Do took center stage as the focus of an emerging Nation – a Korean sport exhibiting the mastery of Korean kicking techniques. In the same year Frank Babcock organized the historic syndicated televised series of events featuring Don “The Dragon” Wilson against Branko “The Bull” Cikitik of Yugoslavia.

In 1989 with the influence of Chuck Norris and many other movie stars, the next series of Kickboxing cable programming delivered by KICK INTERNATIONAL was produced, directed and distributed by Frank Babcock on Primetime Sports and in 43 countries.  These shows created a wave of Martial Arts followers and contributors of a myriad of kickboxing organizations that watered down the legitimacy of the sport in the USA while Kickboxing grew at an astounding rate throughout Europe.

In 2006, there was a historic development in the arena of Martial Arts sports. In October the General Assembly of International Sports Federations approved Kickboxing as a world recognized sport under the direction of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO). In November of that same year, KICK INTERNATIONAL was delegated as the recognized National Governing Body in the USA on behalf of WAKO and filed for recognition under United States Olympic Committee. In the United States KICK INTERNATIONAL governs programs for amateur combat sports encompassing musical forms for empty hand competition, weapons no contact point competition, light contact, semi contact,  Directed by Don Rodrigues and Tom Fessta, While  and full contact low and high kick, Muay Thai-K1  are directed by Charles (Chip) Post and and Mixed Martial Arts are directed by Ryan Brueggman for all aspects of these amateur sports.


As a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, KICK INATIONAL has been established exclusively to develop amateur athletes who aspire for recognition and a future professional career in martial arts. KICK has been a recognized sanctioning body since the early 1981. Its existence here predates the IKF and the ISKA.

Kickboxing’s Golden Age was well represented by Florida’s finest.  These included KICK World Champions such as Don “The Dragon” Wilson, known to many as the greatest kickboxer ever (later to star in over 29 movies); James Warring, later to become the International Boxing Federation’s Cruiserweight World Champion and a Guiness Book of World Records Holder; Thaddeus (Ted) Pryor, who now directs and produces film in Hollywood; Steve Shepherd, three time KICK Champion and famous promoter; and Richard Allen Hill, now a practicing physician in sports medicine.

These men took on the first Superpowers Fight in West Palm Beach, sanctioned by KICK INTERNATIONAL and televised around the world. The Soviet team went down in defeat including Vitali Klitchko, later to become World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. Klitchko was bested by James Warring. Steve Shepherd was the promoter for the sellout.

Monthly shows were held in Cocoa Beach by Don Wilson in the 80’s and the same by James Warring in Miami in the 90’s.  One of the largest and most prominent events ever held in kickboxing took place at the Orlando Convention Center when Don Wilson fought the undefeated Branimar Cikatc from Yugoslavia in 1984.  Heavily favored to lose, Wilson broke both hands before before knocking out Cikatc.  Jhoon Rhee, Chris Penn, Steve Lee and other stars took part in the well-attended televised event. Hector Gomez, now one of the more popular mixed martial art judges in Florida, also fought that night. The following June, KICK co-sanctioned with the WKA another star-studded televised show where again, Wilson, Warring, and Florida’s legendary Chris Anderson defended their titles.

After the fall of the Soviet Empire, KICK INTERNATIONAL took the show to Moscow where the largest attended Kickboxing event ever took place (35,000 spectators) and Richard Hill (now Dr.), defended his title with dignitaries all over the world in attendance including Chuck Norris as KICK’s Ambassador. By KICK’s invitation, the ISKA was invited to co-sanction the event. This was another show to be televised worldwide.

Today as the sport develops and expands into K-1, Muay Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts, KICK INTERNATIONAL has ridden the wave and sanctioned events throughout North America.   Additionally, KICK has always kept safety first in its sanctioning, and has even teamed up with charities; such as the Military Forces, Firemens’ Fund, the Police Athletic League, and  D.A.R.E America to grow the sport while advancing noble causes.

KICK INTERNATIONALl has always set out to differentiate itself with outstanding officials.  Medical staffing includes three outstanding doctors who have served with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and have written the proprietary medical service manuals for competitive combative sports. A set of rules has been composed that specifically differentiates up-and-coming amateurs from professionals who have dedicated their training to a career.  Other organizations for the most part have only followed professional rules. KICK is a sanctioning body and does not promote events, whereas other organizations promote their own events.

KICK has  filed applications for the USOC, while our world organizing body has filed for recognition with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and sent athletes to be  represented at the Sport Accord in Beijing and the World Combat Games under the recognition of the (IOC) in St Petersburg Russia.

KICK INTERNATIONAL is a federally approved not-for-profit 501c3 Missouri Corporation dedicated to the advancement of safety in our sports of Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing, whose participating athletes strive for recognition in a highly competitive sport which requires practice and dedication to excel in mind, body and spirit. KICK INTERNATIONAL created and directs Performance Parenting, Anti Bullying and Youth Development programs while serving as a National Governing Body in North America and guiding our sports in development for future Olympic acceptance.